Vice President of Science and Technology

The Vice President of Science and Technology has been created for the purpose of promoting national empowerment, generating wealth and enhancing the quality of life of people by enhancing technology and innovation capabilities in the country and promoting the “National Innovation System” and complementing its components and circles. Other goals include the development of a “knowledge-based economy” through inter-institutional and inter-agency co-ordination and synergy, the promotion of the “knowledge” relationship with “industry” and “society”, the facilitation of exchanges between technology supply and demand sectors, and the commercialization of technological achievements and Innovation and development of knowledge-based companies has also been considered. In addition to the aforementioned cases, goals such as the development of strategic and national priority technologies outlined in the country’s comprehensive scientific map and the promotion of international scientific communications, technology, and innovation, and the development of scientific and technological diplomacy, have also been set for this office. In order to fulfill the above goals and meet the needs of the community, several duties have been assigned to this department. Among the most important of these macro-level tasks are planning, inter-sectoral coordination and synergy in the “National Innovation System” and between development programs and macro-science and technology development policies of the country. In addition to these major tasks, other tasks focus on supporting knowledge-based companies and generally strengthening the foundations of the knowledge-based economy, including, for example, the development of technology, the strengthening of the commercialization process, and the support of knowledge-based corporations and design companies. Supporting the expansion of R&D activities in the country and enhancing the technology management capability of knowledge-based companies, promoting technological entrepreneurship and improving the knowledge-based business environment, and leading the nation’s capital to produce knowledge-based goods and services, developing venture capital and risk management mechanisms. The necessary financial knowledge-based economy, support the creation and empowerment of private organizations in the production and development of knowledge-based exports of goods and services, stimulate demand, ensure prompt export market for domestic production and marketing and knowledge-based goods and services and so on.

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