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DMOND Pitches

The main purpose of this event is to connect startups with investors and introduce their business, to simulate how to present business to investors and they can expand the communication network of Key players in a particular field.

The presentation of the startup teams are judged by professional referees (mentors, investors, entrepreneurs, etc.).

DMOND Meetup

The purpose of DMOND MEETUP is to be aware of the activities of companies operating in different fields, sharing creative ideas, Getting to know the industry players and hearing new ideas at a friendly meeting, also you can be networking.


This event is the summing up of DMOND accelerator annual activities. In this event, the startups of the DMOND Accelerator Camp and selected event startups of the year present their business for investors, companies and influential actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The main purpose of this event is to communicate with startups and other ecosystem activists.

DMOND Reverse Pitches

the main purpose of this event is to recognize challenges and problems of companies, institutions, active industries, and DMOND accelerator partner services companies and then encouraging entrepreneurs and startup teams to find creative solutions for their problems and challenges.


What’s your criterion for investment?

Our principal criteria are as follows:

Team: we expect that committed entrepreneurs have a complete team including insightful, technical perceptive and business members. Also, their proficiency in their own industry is one of the primary criteria. At last, we rate that teams worked together well.

Market: International markets with proper size and high development speed in being active and service delivery are acceptable.

Product: we invest in teams which have innovative software, website platforms or mobile apps. The technology must be used as a tool for creating worthiness through solving a problem by a more efficient and new solutions.

Registration, why and how?


DMOND is the first Iranian accelerator that makes a great opportunity to work with a worldwide network of experienced and creative investors and mentors.

Where is DMOND?

The main branch of DMOND in Tehran, North Kargar,  College 2 of Engineering Faculty, University of Tehran


Do I need to send in a business plan?

Because of the probable changes in your business model and the fact that We make acceptance decisions based on our application form and personal interviews, so Just fill out the Acceptance form.

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